The company was founded in Predore in 1963 as a simple building materials enterprise for third parties.
It was founded by Alessio Suardi who still holds the office of President, and where his four children operate.
In the following years the operating horizon expanded towards the excavation and earthmoving activities for third parties, for which reason , in order to improve the service provided, the company was equipped with the appropriate resources to perform works on slopes and uneven terrain.
In the 1990’s businesses of road paving were started, increasing the availability of specialized means to perform the works required by public procurements. The prevailing original scope expanded further in a large diversification of policy areas, and moving on, to the realization of roads infrastructures, urbanization, environmental and hydraulic engineering for the realization of commercial complexes and technological systems in general.
Suardi Alessio srl, which in 1999 had a share capital of € 20,800.00, outlines the last decade with an evolutionary metamorphosis leading, in 2005, to the new Suardi Spa with a share capital of € 450,000.00, increased to € 1,260,000.00 in 2009.

For Suardi spa the concept of “making way” is not only a life metaphor, but the evolution of a reality.